About Us

The company OM RV Interiors has started in the year 1999 under the motivation to impart the quality goods and services in the field of Interiors and Exteriors.

Interiors and Exteriors being its vast applications, the company has started its applications in the field of MS Works for manufacturing of MS grills, etc.

After delivering the goods and services for MS works for the greatest customer satisfactions, it has expanded the operations in the field Aluminum Works for sliding windows, doors, furniture, etc.

As the success was enveloping for end need satisfaction of the customers, the company has extended its operation to cover up more and more Interiors of customer needs.

In present scenario , the company delivering the goods and services as specialized applications in most of the Interiors as well as Exteriors such as Carpentry Works, MS works, Aluminum Works, POP / Gypsum Work, Civil works, Chain supply, , etc.

The company is delivering the Quality Services, Goods through it’s skilled team of 50 to 60 Man - Power in different sectors of Interiors. FURNITURE:-

Furniture is essential for your home decor and also useful for comfort and activities like sleeping and eating. Kind of furniture you buy tells a lot about you and your family. If you like sleek modern look furniture like glass tables or ceramic side tables, it conveys a different feeling to guest about you compared to more traditional furniture.

We design your home with Furniture that suits your taste and functionality
Furniture defines your personal space and speaks of your tastes and personality. The kind of sofa, dressing table, bar cabinets,beds,wardrobes and shelves you choose; speak of your interior designing skills, exposure to various cultures, etc. In all it speaks about you. So how do you choose? You no longer have to make time for shopping, go from one shop to another bargain the prices and fight to make a choice.

We have everything you are looking for. Furniture for Living Room, Dining Room, Home Office and Outdoor & Garden Furniture The right furniture for your home will add elegance and functionality to your interior decor, while it will also be cost effective and long lasting at the same time. Here , we are committed to offering our customers the widest range in home furniture like dining tables, sofas, chairs for living room as well as beds, wardrobes, side tables, dressing tables for bedroom, chest of drawers for kitchen, so that it is easy and hassle free to buy furniture from us. We also offer office furniture like desks, wheel chairs, storage and reception cabinets. Various designs side by side, compare prices and finishes and find exclusive modular furniture pieces that you would not find at local furniture stores.

Our exhaustive services and work from highly skilled Man - Power offers multiple options in solid,Teak wood, Sheesham wood, Jangaly wood,Sagwaan different kind of ply woods, furniture pieces, while all our wooden furniture can also be customized to suit your individual needs as our esteem customers. Our furniture is intelligently designed to give both comfort and functionality; while we also go to great lengths to ensure that we source only the highest quality raw materials and use the latest technologies to manufacture each individual piece.

Apart from above, our highly skilled Man – Power team takes the right responsibility to deliver the goods and services in totality to design your total house , flat, bungalow, etc as an integral taste which suits you for MS works, Aluminum Works, POP / Gypsum Work, Civil works, Chain supply, Carpentry Works, etc.

We also provide a complimentary interior design service to customers who wish to furnish their entire home.
Our clients are the reputed companies such as FLIPKART Pvt Ltd, ShopClues, WS Retails etc.